24 Hour Play Festival

24 Hour Play Festival Sign Ups

In conjunction with the APU Fringe Festival, there will be a 24-hour play festival. Teams will come together on the evening of Friday, November 30th. The writers will have all night to write a script that will be rehearsed by the directors and actors the next day and performed the night of Saturday, December 1st. This has been an exciting event in the past and a way to bring the APU Theater student body together.

If you are interested in signing up, please click on the below link (or use the QR code with your smartphone) and fill out the information. The three ways to participate are as a writer, director or actor. Please give us your choices, in the order you prefer. We will be announcing groups around mid-November. We will make every effort to accommodate all requests, but we cannot guarantee that everyone will get their first choice. Each group will be assigned at least two incoming freshman.

You must be available from 7pm Friday to 10pm Saturday. Please do not sign up if you cannot commit to these dates and times. If you have any questions you can contact Lauren Shook at lshook08@apu.edu.

Online Sign Up Form: http://bit.ly/24hoursignup


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