Is the Fringe the same as the 24 Hour Festival?
While they happen the same weekend, they are not the same events.  The Fringe festival is made up of student-produced productions that are worked on all semester (including the summer).  The 24 hour festival is an event where students write, direct and act in original works all within 24 hours.

Do we have to stay up for all 24 hours of the play festival?
No you will not be up for 24 hours during the play festival. Writers write Friday night, and go as late as they need to, while directors and actors sleep. Directors and actors rehearse in the morning while writers sleep. Then all come together in the afternoon and evening.

Does the Fringe productions have to be original work?
No.  Priority will be given to original works, but proposed projects do not have to be written by students.  If the proposed project is not original, it must have an original component to it.  Is it a unique adaptation? Is it a type of theater not done at APU?

Can I submit more than one application?
Yes. If you have more than one production proposal, you can submit multiple applications. You must submit one application per production proposal.