Past Productions

2011 Fringe Festival

Another Piece of Us
Produced by Taylor Wesselman
Directed by Taylor Wesselman and Francesca Fromang
Music Direction by Caitlin Trotter
Stage Manager: Amy Bandy
Asst. Stage Manager: Emily Stice
Sarah Byrne – Sarah
Denver Danyla – Toby
Francesca Fromang – Natalie
Christina Scott – Eden
Markus Jorgensen – Donny
Caitlin Trotter – Alex
Renna Nightingale – Spencer
Sarah Adams – Melody

An Evening of Deaf Theater
Produced and Directed by Aly Easton
Assistant Directed and Stage Managed
by Deanna Hudgens

Mikey’s Chair by Michael Moore
Joey – Benjy Hall
Louisa – Lauren Shook

Revelation by David MacGregor
Kim (Speaking) – Rachel Sedory
Kim (Signing) – Rebecca Tefertiller
Greg (Speaking) – Jesse Lagos
Greg (Signing) – Benjy Hall

Nightswim by Julia Jordan
Christina (Signing) – Michaela Periera
Christina (Speaking)- Lauren Shook
Rosie- Rebecca Tefertiller

Deaf Day by Leslie Ayvazian
Mother- Aly Easton

Romeo and Juliet
Produced, Directed and Adapted by Lowell Schoenherr and Caleb Brumley
A modern one act adaption of Romeo & Juliet set in Orange County.
Garret Graves – Romeo
Nick Hauser – Benvolio
Josh Jenkins – Abraham
Caleb Brumley – Mercutio
Andrea Adnoff – Juliet
Alison Campbell – Natalie (Nurse)
Lowell Schoenherr – Tyblat
Andrew Keahey – Sampson
Bethany Roddy – Gwendolyn

Confessions of the World’s Worst Missionary
Produced, Written and Performed by Lina Alfinito
Directed by Andrea Adnoff
Confessions of the World’s Worst Missionary documents life before, during, and after a missions trip to South Africa- in a witty and heartfelt manner, of course! In this snarky, truthful portrayal, you can expect to hear off-the-wall stories of crazy African children as well as the heartbreaking reality of the aftermath of Apartheid and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Real life has a head-on collision with the stage in this quick-witted comedy performed by none other than, the world’s worst missionary.